Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kids at skatepark

A boy I saw at the skatepark.

Jed Jerry Wen and Kyle Jerry Wen

I was doing some shooting at the skatepark and decided to include my brother, Jed and his son, Kyle along. I was just shooting randomly in the dark and turns out Kyle was doing some cool pose which look...really cool of course. I love this photo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My favourites

These are some of my favourite photo I managed to take during the whole trip.
This is the National Centre of Performing Arts, the only place where the water are not freezing like stone.
Notes and notes of music notes....
I really like this, I just love reflections photo, I don't know why.
O ya, this is definitely my favourite.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A small little horse...or maybe it's a mule. I'm not sure, but it really, really stinks.
Another view of the shopping centre near Xidan. The colour of the building changes every seconds.
Rudy tasting the cold winter night near one of the local night clubs
A Chinese boy enjoying ice cream during's McD's

There's so many people who use bicycle in Beijing. Maybe this old man thought I'm going to steal his bike that he quickly lock his bike

Up close on an ice skating shoes, I've never seen them before

Rudy enjoying the ride, I had so much fun skating on the frozen lake, or should i refer this as a huge pool. My fiance told me she saw fish stuck in the frozen ice somewhere around the lake, but I never get to take photo of it.
The older guy can go fast and can curve with one foot. Here, he's teaching the kids how to skate
Sunset walk, the sunrises late but sets in early during winter. Bummer...

I waited for the salesgirl to turn and see me before clicking the shutter button. I should have quoted ' pink jade' instead.
I can't stand watching blue skies and not be mesmerized by it. I was equipped with a kenko CPL the whole time, just to get the most out of the blue sky
A cliche shot of the great wall
I forgot what they we're making but it is beautiful

Rudy passing through some interesting structure at the Ming's tomb

A panoramic view of the mountains from Ming's tomb

Winter's colour
Hello uncle!
Taken while riding a trishaw
In one of the chinese people's house
Acting cute
The temple of heaven
Another winter colour
It makes me feel like I'm in a Korean drama when I watch the lines on these trees. Beijing are really beautiful actually, it's just the cold which forbid us from enjoying the scenery.
Sartini's reflection on the ceiling.
Hot tea are really nice during the cold
Don't even think about walking thru this lane if you're not the emperor

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I was very fortunate to be able to see Beijing earlier this year. It was winter in Beijing but the trip was purposely done during this cold season since we never felt how winter was like here in Malaysia. I'm glad that my camera survived the whole trip as it was its first time being at a place this cold. Shooting photo at 1 degree to -4 degree celcius was a real challenge. But it's not like everyday I wake up in Beijing, so with shaky hand and gloves, I tried to shoot as much photo as I can during the trip. Enjoy the photo.

I woke up at about 7 a.m to catch the sunrise. I went to the roof of our hotel, thus those view of house roofs below. This is a chilling below 2 degree, and the wind was blowing like hell fire.
The long corridor at Be-Hai park

Church member at the Beijing Adventist Church

Zidan shopping centre, soooo many people

Bus no 626

Crystal trying on the local delicacies