Saturday, July 3, 2010

Personal Favourite

The photoshoot session with Hui Hui was fun and I can say it was a success. There's a few photo which I really like but this one probably stands out the most. the thing about this shot is just that, it gives so much energy and yet there's also a feeling of calmness in it. The water splash gave that tense and chaotic feeling while Hui Hui calm exspression gives a contra to the wild surrounding. To be honest, no one got wet during this photosession, for real....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hui Hui portraiture shooting

We did the photoshoot back in february. I'm referring to we, as I went with Crystal, a friend of mind who is really interested and have great passion for photography. It was done in Batu Ferringhi, the beach side over in Penang. Hui Hui picked up her own dress and did make up on her own.(I'm still searching for a make up artist to assist me) She never mention any specific theme which she like, so I tried my best to make it look good. Took me about a month to process all the RAW file, but in the end, she was happy with it.

Beach shooting

This is my friend Crystal concentrating on her viewfinder to capture the model's at her best. It's fun when you go out to shoot with friends. She was actually working in the evening, but she still find time to join us in the morning. Sometimes, you get that flaming spirits of taking photo, don't ignore it. Go out, spare some time for your camera and have fun.