Saturday, June 26, 2010

My personal favourite

Well, for me, this is the most interesting photo I took during the photoshoot. Just look at the expression on Kok Ping's face. Pure 'hiao'....I'm not sure that's the correct spelling or not, but it suppose to mean something pertaining to guys (mostly) in Hockkien. the second interesting thing is, the lighting setups. I was putting the flash randomly around without thinking how will the photo look like, and it came out this way. For me, the lighting adds up the cunningness to Kok Ping's face.

Kok Ping's Portrait Photoshoots

To be honest, this is my first experience of taking a male model portraits. It feels awkward at first, but Kok Ping was really easy to work with. It was pretty hot outside, so we decided to do the photoshooting inside the house instead. We didn't set up a proper theme for it, all we had in mind was, to show the macho and  cool side of a guy. Now, that sounds really awkward and weird. But, a few days after posting these photo's in facebook, lot's of girls approached me asking about kok ping. So, I guess, girl dig these photos...but definitely not for a man. My equipment are quiet basic for the shooting, I used 2 flash, no umbrella or reflector.



The last photo was Chung Keat. He was going all nervous when I ask him to pose for a photo. It was freaking hot during this time, but we managed to persuade him to get into his jacket for the photo.

My personal favourite

My favourite photo during the ceremony will be this one. A reflection of the pianist's face on the piano upper cover. He appear cold and serious in this picture, but he's a really cheerful guy actually. In case you meet him outside, just say hi, I'm sure he'll reply u with some nice word or a smile....

Capping and Epaulette Ceremony of Class 2012 & AN 2011

Capping and Epaulette Exercise is held annually for the new RN and AN student nurses. This is the time when the new going to be nurses get their cap and epaulette. It's been practiced since back in those days when Florence Nightangle founded nursing. It's a ceremony which has it's own protocol and program, along with an award presentation for the nurse who did exellently during their first year of training. This is my second year of taking photo for the college so I had quiet a smooth time doing it. For the group photo however, I had to stitch a few photo together to get the whole group, even with an 18mm lens as there's not much space for me to move back to get a wider view.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sean and Vivian wedding dinner

Was held early january. The dinner started a bit delayed, but after that it went on quite smoothly.
Sean sang the last song and he was really talented in sing, seriously talented.

And the party continues....

I was hired solemnly to take photo during the dinner, so there's no pre or post wedding photo with the couple. But it was an exciting night and I was glad when the couple was also happy with the outcome. 

Here we go.....

I've been taking photo for quite a while now, but just recently, my friend came for a visit here in Penang and adviced me on making blog. So, this feels a little awkward but we'll see how it goes.
Here's some of the events and photo's I took since earlier this year.