Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

1st of january 2011 sunrise at Tanjong Bungah's beach
Happy new year to all of us...I was at the beach this morning looking for nice beautiful 1st of Jan sunrise, but it turns out to be a bummer just like last year. Earlier, I was taking some flowers for a foreground, but the dull sunrise isn't what I'm looking for and thus, decided that it's not going to be posted in the blog. So we go back to the same old beach photo, slow-mo wave movement. Isn't that sound sexy and HD. After i review my photos, it turns out I took quite a nice foreground on the water, but the background, other than the mountain back there, there's pretty much nothing. So, I decided to convert it to monotone. Hopefully this works, I don't know. I'm having so much fun shooting till I forgot that I just finished working and I really need some rest. So, hope we all have a blessed 2011 and pardon me if I've done anything which might annoy or made anyone feel uncomfortable. God bless.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cock - In

As dirty as the title sounds, I was going pretty damn nasty with these square filters. I fell in love with them ever since the first day I purchased them. Anyway, the most commonly used filter are the Cokin P121 and P121s. It's a neutral density 8 with gradient. Now, lot's of people asked the differences between the one with the 's' and those without 's'. The answer lies on the gradient between the two P121. P121 has a bolder and less gradiented density while the P121s has a shallower and slow gradient of it's dark density. I'm not sure I described it correctly or not with these poor english I'm having, but you have to look at the filters itself to see the difference.
18-55mm, f20, 0.5 sec, Cokin P121

Cokins kakoonsss

There was a photo fest at gurney a few weeks ago, and I was lucky to meet Mr. Ronnie Koh, the CEO of Eng Tong System Sdn. Bhd. The company has been around since the film era  and was started back in the 60's. So you know they have great experience on photography with them. He was a very nice and down to earth guy, that even when i was throwing tons of question to him on the manfrottos and cokins, he still smile and answers me politely. So is his staffs who was with him. So anyone interested in getting a high end studio equipment or filters. Do check out and say hi to Uncle Ronnie.

Where did i go?

It's been a few months I was without any photography assignment. Maybe I got tired, or perhaps I'm too occupied with the other task in life. Works, tatoos and skateboarding I guess. But I didn't really stop from taking picture actually. When I'm not out there shooting models and couples, you can probably find me somewhere along the beach early morning with my tripod and sling bag. Sometimes, being out there alone and just all by yourself can refresh your minds towards the chaos and hustle bustle of the life we're going through. So, go out there, take your tripod, monopod, ipod or whatever PODs you have and enjoy the'll never know when will be the last time you'll be able to see them...
There was only these birds accompanying me. I was running towards them while taking this photo, thus those blurred image, but I like it so much so, I'm thinking of printing it out and frame it on the wall of my bedroom.

Alone with his reel and rod. I used to love fishing back when my friend was around.