Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

1st of january 2011 sunrise at Tanjong Bungah's beach
Happy new year to all of us...I was at the beach this morning looking for nice beautiful 1st of Jan sunrise, but it turns out to be a bummer just like last year. Earlier, I was taking some flowers for a foreground, but the dull sunrise isn't what I'm looking for and thus, decided that it's not going to be posted in the blog. So we go back to the same old beach photo, slow-mo wave movement. Isn't that sound sexy and HD. After i review my photos, it turns out I took quite a nice foreground on the water, but the background, other than the mountain back there, there's pretty much nothing. So, I decided to convert it to monotone. Hopefully this works, I don't know. I'm having so much fun shooting till I forgot that I just finished working and I really need some rest. So, hope we all have a blessed 2011 and pardon me if I've done anything which might annoy or made anyone feel uncomfortable. God bless.

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