Monday, December 13, 2010

Where did i go?

It's been a few months I was without any photography assignment. Maybe I got tired, or perhaps I'm too occupied with the other task in life. Works, tatoos and skateboarding I guess. But I didn't really stop from taking picture actually. When I'm not out there shooting models and couples, you can probably find me somewhere along the beach early morning with my tripod and sling bag. Sometimes, being out there alone and just all by yourself can refresh your minds towards the chaos and hustle bustle of the life we're going through. So, go out there, take your tripod, monopod, ipod or whatever PODs you have and enjoy the'll never know when will be the last time you'll be able to see them...
There was only these birds accompanying me. I was running towards them while taking this photo, thus those blurred image, but I like it so much so, I'm thinking of printing it out and frame it on the wall of my bedroom.

Alone with his reel and rod. I used to love fishing back when my friend was around.