Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yvonne Amy

My good friend, Tico came over to Penang to do some shooting and he asked me whether there's anyone we can shoot during his trip here. So, I suggested Yvonne and after some discussion between them via facebook, it's on. This was my second time working with Yvonne and it was so easy working with her. I can bet ya she can really go far in modelling if she really wants to get serious in it. It was really enjoying, and got some tips from Tico, who is super talented and have more experience in this genre. Thanks to Yvonne and Frisco for making it happen.
We went downtown Penang to get some old vintage looking background. I played a bit with the tone to make it look more classic.

Close up look on beautiful Yvonne.

Vintage look photo. I remember back in those days when we still use film inside the camera.

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