Sunday, September 26, 2010

Personal Favourite

Pretty odd favourite's selection for the event, but there's a lot of technical stuff involved in taking this group photo. First of all, the hall is a bit dimmed, so shooting a group this large requires some extra lighting. I set up 2 external flash from left and right and triggered them using radio trigger. Then there was this group of people who also wants to take the group photos and was in front of my way, even after the announcer announce them to give way for the officials photographer. And so, there I was trying to tell them to move aside with my high pitch, small little soft voice. I guess my voice is only like a mouse squeeking on the back for them as they stay put on their feet. Luckily, my friend Choi came up and help me to clear these people away. Thanks Choi. I took like 6 shots of the group photo and in the middle of it, there was this boy who ran across the group, so there's 3 photo which have the boy in it passing the group. I was looking at the viewfinder the whole time, so I didn't realize that. The middle part was a bit overexposed, but it was taken in RAW, so it's an easy fix. Lastly, the flash on my right is not as strong as my left (used 2 different flash), but it wasn't so bad I guess. So, here it is, the last photo of the day.

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