Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kok Ping's Portrait Photoshoots

To be honest, this is my first experience of taking a male model portraits. It feels awkward at first, but Kok Ping was really easy to work with. It was pretty hot outside, so we decided to do the photoshooting inside the house instead. We didn't set up a proper theme for it, all we had in mind was, to show the macho and  cool side of a guy. Now, that sounds really awkward and weird. But, a few days after posting these photo's in facebook, lot's of girls approached me asking about kok ping. So, I guess, girl dig these photos...but definitely not for a man. My equipment are quiet basic for the shooting, I used 2 flash, no umbrella or reflector.



The last photo was Chung Keat. He was going all nervous when I ask him to pose for a photo. It was freaking hot during this time, but we managed to persuade him to get into his jacket for the photo.

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